Maison Premiere: Oyster Happy Hour!

If you’re looking for a drink in Williamsburg you might as well go where everybody goes for a great craft cocktail in a great space, Maison Premiere. Don’t be deterred by the fact that literally everyone recommends everybody to check out this spot – it can prove to be worth the hype.

Modeled after the hotel lobbies, cafes and bars of “times past”, Maison Premiere definitely does it’s darndest to teleport you back to those times. Listen to the jazzy melody while you sip on the Adonis cocktail, a sherry cocktail, a little on the sweeter side, full of orange flavors, or let them vibe of the place transport you and go for an absinthe cocktail. If you’re looking to stay out for a little while and aren’t trying to mix your liquor the wine list here is pretty great and (shockingly) at a pretty reasonable price point (for NYC).


While I have only ventured here for the drinks, the oysters that came to people sitting around me looked great. (During happy hour, M-F from 4-7pm, oysters are only $1 and you get to pick which ones you would like! Had I known this I would have had 20…)


So while you’re here, why not treat yourself to a great craft cocktail (you are in Brooklyn, after all, home of the artisanal bitters and drinks that have over 8 ingredients) and a dozen $1 oysters! Because you’re worth it.


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